Our Story

In 2006 Melissa Trenholm of Sackville, N.B. began making her own body and skin care products after realizing how many harmful ingredients are regularly included in the products we typically use.

She began her aromatherapy training in 2007 in order to gain a better understanding of essential oil uses and benefits in skincare. In the beginning the products that she made were for herself, her family and friends and then progressed to selling products at small farmers markets. After the birth of her first child in 2011, she became quite serious about providing her child with the safest, most natural products for their sensitive skin. She then developed diaper creams, baby balms, soaps, lotions, massage butter, laundry soap and for the busy first time mom who considers herself lucky to fit in a 5 minute shower, an all in one soap bar for hair, face and body! 

In 2013, she settled on the Maeflower Soap Company for the branding on her products. The mayflower is the provincial flower of NS and Mae is what her grandmother, Mary Trenholm was called and also happens to be both Melissa and her daughter's middle name. 

She studied Aromatherapy and Reflexology both at JoyEssence Aromatherapy Centre Inc. located in Guelph, Ont. Melissa is always sourcing for truly natural ingredients. Her goal is to offer something safe, as natural as possible and truly unique. She wants you to enjoy the products you use and to know that you are using something that is actually good for you!

You’ll find skin nourishing oils and butters, fruits & vegetables, herbs, natural clays, silk, nutrients, anti-oxidants and pure essential oils that offer therapeutic benefits in her products. Every single ingredient that goes into a product that is created is there for a specific reason, NOT as a filler. Her products are all made in small batches with care to quality control, as well, she develops, tests and makes every product herself. 

Amazing when you think about it but our skin can absorb up to 94% of what is put onto it! Do you actually know what all those ingredients you put onto your skin and therefore into your body everyday are? An average female uses 12 personal care products a day and exposes themselves to a cocktail of synthetic chemicals. Since the skin has the ability to absorb, and body tissue has the ability to store, chemicals can add up. By reducing the harmful ingredients we use, we are minimizing the burden our bodies have to eliminate these chemicals. 

 In 2017, Melissa partnered with The Way Botanicals of Amherst, N.S. to better enhance the Maeflower brand and to take it to the next level by rebranding the entire line and moving into wholesale/retail sales. The partnership has allowed the brand to expand with new and improved products, branding, and a new production facility. 

As the partnership blossoms, we look forward to serving you, and having you try our wonderful products that we have to offer. If you are already a customer, then we look forward to hearing what you love most about our products and how we can improve upon them. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to serving you.